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tv   International Programming  CSPAN  January 12, 2011 7:00am-7:30am EST

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minister's question time live from the british house of commons. every wednesday while parliament is in session, prime minister david cameron takes questions from members of house of commons. prior to question time, the house is wrapping other business. this is live on c-span2. >> they weren't working very effectively together and that's operating no interest. would this review also include a better coordination of ngos in this country? >> yes, mr. speaker is the answer but i would repeat that the review is concentrating and focused under its remit on rapid onset humanitarian response. in other words, this is a review of emergency humanitarian response, not the entire area of all humanitarian action. >> order, questions to the prime minister. mr. david hanson. >> number one, mr. speaker. thank you mr. speaker.
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i'm sure the whole house would wish to join me to paying tribute to corporal dunn from the parachute squadron who died on the 21st of december and charles wood from 23 pioneer regiment logistic corps who died on the 28th of december and to private from the argonne and southern highlanders fifth battalion the royal regiment of scotland who died on the first of january. these were courageous and selfless servicemen who made the ultimate sacrifice in the fight to make our country a safer place. we send our deepest condolences to their families, friends and colleagues. >> here, here. >> this morning i spoke to the australiian prime minister for the appalling floods and damage in queensland and we were thinking of her and the australiian people at this time. i shall have further such meetings later today.
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>> could i indulge of the to the troops and the australian people. he will also recall in the coalition document his solemn promise to take action on bankers bonuses and he's renegatives on his second promise why should we ever trust him again? >> the reason we had to put up value added tax is because of the complete and utter mess we were left by the government. i know they are now denial about this. but the fact is we had one of the biggest budget deficits in the g8, one of the worst records on debt anywhere that you could mention. we had to take action and the reason we can now discuss taxes and bankers bonuses and we're not queuing behind greece and ireland of a bailout is because what this government took.
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>> thank you, mr. speaker. the prime ministerless know of the good progress in the regeneration of my constituency gloster. >> would the prime minister agree with me in line with the localism agenda the best thing now is to transfer those assets as soon as possible to the city council for the development for the benefit of the city and can i highlight how much support this has? >> we're going to pay tribute to my honorable friend to what he does to help drive the regeneration efforts. gloucester and we're having stronger local enterprise partnerships and i think there's much more room for good local developments including in gloucester. >> dave miliband. >> thank you, mr. speaker. can i join it is prime minister in paying tribute to corporal steven dunn from the signal
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squadron, and charles wood and 23 pioneer wood and the private from the public highlanders fifth battalion the while regiment of scotland. we pay tribute to them for their heroism, their commitment and their dedication and our hearts go out to their families and friends. i also join the prime minister in sending condolences to the australian people who are affected with the floods. in opposition the prime minister said and i quote, whether the taxpayer owns a large stake in a bank we are saying that no employee shall be paid a bonus of over 2,000 pounds. can the prime minister update us on the progress in implementing this? [laughter] >> what i would say is this, it was -- it was the last government that bailed out the banks and asked for nothing in
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return. that is what happened. the reason we have difficulties with royal bank of scotland this year is because of the completely inadequate account that was initiated by the government that he supported. what we all want to see is the banks paying more in tax and we will see that. we want to see the banks do more lending and we will see that and we want to see the banks cut and we will see that. perhaps make a constructive suggestion. >> the country is getting fed up with the prime minister's suggestions of the bank. he made a promise of no bank bonus over 2,000 pounds. it's still on the conservative website. it's a promise broken. now, he can't offer the bank of bonuses, let's try on the bank of tax. committee explain to the british people why does he think it's fair and reasonable at a time
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when he's raising taxes on everyone else to be cutting taxes this year on the banks? >> we're not. >> i know the shadow chancellor can't do any math on that. let me give you the figures. last year the banks paid $18 billion in tax. this year they will pay $20 billion in taxes. their taxes will be going up. he just needs to look at page 91 of the office of budget responsibility published in november. labour's payroll tax on the banks raised 3.5 billion pounds. his banking levee is raising just 1.2 billion pounds. in any one language that is a tax cut for the banks.
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why doesn't the prime minister just admit it? >> i've given him the numbers the taxes are going up. 18 billion to 20 billion. now, let me explain -- now let me explain the numbers in terms of his bank bonus tax and our bank levee because obviously he can't get the numbers from the man sitting next to him so let me give him the numbers. the bank bonus tax raised net 2.3 billion pounds. and the author of that tax is sitting over there, the former chancellor says you cannot go on introducing this tax here year after year. the bank levee will raise 2.5 billion pounds each year once it's clearly up and running. >> yes, yes. 2.5 billion, even the shadow chancellor can tell him 2.5 billion is more than 2.3 billion. and with the magic of addition, if you have a bank levee every year, which we supported and he opposed, they said don't do that do it, remember that, we will raise $9 billion compared to his
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2.3 billion. even the shadow chancellor can work out that it's bigger than 2.3. >> mr. speaker, i think that is as close as we get to an admission to the prime minister that he is cutting taxes on the banks. the obr is clear they raised 3.5 billion pounds and he will be raising 2.2 billion pounds in the bank's levee. he can't answer on banks and bonuses. we know the business secretary is not a man to mess with because he told them he had a nuclear weapon in his pocket and he wasn't afraid to use it so we would listen to him and he said -- and he said if you keep people in the dark you grow a
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poisonous fungus he wasn't talking about the bank of ex-checker. he was talking about the banks. why doesn't he listen to his business secretary and listen to our proposal of his disclosure of all bonuses over a million pounds. it's on the statute books. it's ready to go. why doesn't he just get on with it? >> i think that was such a long question that i think the honorable gentleman -- i think the honorable gentleman should be thinking of a television career and he should get his brother to run the labour party. he would have a better way around. >> you don't have to be -- look, we want greater transparency but let me put this to him. he had 13 years to put these rules in place. why didn't he ever get around to it? >> dave miliband? >> you know he doesn't have the answers when he starts asking the questions? now, let me tell the prime
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minister he is now in the position of being a more of a defender of the bank than even the banks themselves because steven he is banker. the walker report the labour department commissioned which made this recommendation and would be implemented for the whole industry. i'm not arguing about it. i have no great problem with the issue of transparency and would have no difficulty. mr. speaker, on the banks the pm has had eight months to hold them to account. he's had eight months to hold them to account. when is he going to start? >> i take a lecture from a lot of people on how to regulate banks. i won't take one from the people opposite who let them get away with absolutely murder. who was it who set up the bank regulation that completely failed? who bailed out the banks and got nothing return.
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and who agreed on the contract and had nothing about the bank and the right honorable gentleman was at the treasury there. he was there when they knighted good win and they knighted him for services of england and they sent with him a 17 million pound payoff and that's why they will never trust them on labour or the economy again. and what he was he saying when all this was going on, deregulate the banks even more. he even put the vulcan on his policy of the banks. planet redwood and planet cameron and that is the truth, mr. speaker. there we have it. life in 2011 on planet cameron. one rule for the banks. another for everybody else. and is there any wonder that now we know why his minister -- his health minister says, i don't want you to trust david cameron.
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he has values that i don't share. the health minister knows he's out of touch. the house knows he's out of touch and now because of his failure with the banks, the whole country knows he's out of touch. >> i think he knows this just isn't working. >> yeah. >> we've ended up -- we've ended up with a shadow chancellor who can't count and a labour leader who doesn't count. [laughter] >> he was in the treasury. what did he do? what did he do when they set up the regulatory system that failed? he did nothing. what did he do when they paid out $11 billion to bankers, he did nothing. what did he say when he abolished boom and bust. he did nothing. he is the nothing man when he's at the treasury man and the nothing man now and he's trying to run the treasury. >> they have been involved in
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the last year's -- helping over 2,000 people. would the prime minister agree to meet with the delegation to hear about the importance of their local knowledge? and skills. and also to hear how we can avoid a fiasco similar to what we saw with the regionalization of fire services? >> i look very carefully at the time of this announcement of exactly what's being proposed in terms of the coast guard and there are proposals to try to and put more on the front line by sharing back-office services in the way we coordinate the coast guard. i know there are very strong local feelings. i will arrange for her to meet with the transparent secretary to discuss this because what is essential we have really good coast guard coverage for all of our country. >> the prime minister has just confirmed to everybody listening that he's not taking any action on the bankers bonuses. at the same time his government is removing the mobility element
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for thousands of people living in residential areas. is that the influence of the liberal democrats or the unfinished business of them? >> obviously, i actually said no things. you obviously were not listening to the interesting exchanges we were having. let's be clear, we want a settlement where their examines go up, their lending goes up and their bonuses come down instead of posturing and posing about it. we're actually doing something about it. in terms of disability, in terms of disability, living allowance, this is an important issue. the intention here is very clear that there should be a similar approach for people who are in hospital and for people who are in residential care homes. that is what we intend to do and that is what i'll make sure happens. >> may i ask the prime minister to look favorably and flexibility upon community
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groups to hold street parties to celebrate the forthcoming royal wedding? >> i will certainly do that. i'm sure some of the large trade unit, everyone else wants to have a well celebration for the alikes, and the diamond jubilee and the royal wedding. >> and i wish to give my condolences to the soldiers who died fighting for their country and charlie wood a supporter and our prayers are with the families. mr. speaker, the business secretary compromised himself over the takeover. his culture secretary has declared that -- or the prime minister knows it's the right thing and the culture secretary to repair the takeover bed to the competition commission. >> first of all, i think the
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honorable gentleman is entirely right to pay tribute and he spoke about him very movingly. on the issue of the responsibility for media mergers there is a proper process that needs to be followed. ministers have a quasi-judicial role in doing that and i'm confident the arrangements that are put in place will do that. >> thank you, mr. speaker, as chairman of the all-party homeland security group, may i commend the prime minister and the government for having a very proper internal discussion about the future of control. given that president obama himself has been unable to deliver his pledge to close guantanamo bay, wouldn't it be ludicrous to suggest that some kind of simple answer to this problem and we look forward to seeing his proposals. >> we do face an enormously dangerousus terrorist threat and it's a threat the british judicial system have struggled
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to meet and the reason we all talked about reviewing control orders is we want to make sure the answer we come up with is good for liberty and good for security. i can see the shadow home secretary nodding and i hope we can reach all-party agreement on this important issue. >> thank you, mr. speaker. does the prime minister think it's fair or reasonable of that training should have their ema support withdrawn for the secretaries year. isn't this a case of breaking our promises and letting them down. >> we will be replacing it and we want to look carefully on how best to replace it but there are two very important facts i think we have to bear in mind. the first is the researchers find that 90% of recipients of ema will be staying on at school in any event. and secondly, again with all-party support we're raise got participating support to 18.
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for those two reasons i think it's right to look for a replacement that is more tailored and more targeted and will help to make sure that those children who really need it get that extra money to stay in school. >> thank you, mr. speaker. i made the prime minister understand that there is a huge amount of support for the uptick convoy veterans of world war to receive a medal. but does he also appreciate that in order for their remaining representatives of this incredibly brave group of men to receive this recognition in their lifetime and that the time to act is right now? >> i do. i have considerable sympathy with what the right honorable lady have said. it does seem to me -- of course you have to have -- you have to have -- yes, we given by consent. we do have to have proper rules here but it seems to me, people on these convoys served on these incredibly hard conditions and were able to serve for a very
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long time and there is a case that they have missed out and many are coming to the end of their lives and it would be good to do more than what they've done. >> thank you, mr. speaker. which does the prime minister consider to be a worst political betrayal, a liberal democrats deputy prime minister not to introduce tuition fees but did but they promised to introduce a fuel duty stabilizer and didn't? >> i think you can topple those with an snp who said they would have an referendum on s & p and never did. >> thank you, mr. speaker. my local conservative council has announced a council tax freeze while protecting essential public services. now, there were many in the country and indeed some in this chamber that it's possible.
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what message would the prime minister send to those to be deny that it's possible for government to deliver more for less? >> well, i actually commend what my honorable friend said. the fact is, of course, we are making reductions in local government grant, although when you look at the figures, what local government will get in 2013 is actually equivalent to what they get in 2007 so i think we should keep these reductions in perspective but i would urge every local counsel to look at what it will do by sharing services and chief executives bireducing back-office cost and take the money so they can reduce by less. >> with the government cutting 20,000 front line officers, will he give me that crime will come down on his watch. >> and the fact is only 11% of police officers at any one time are out on the beat.
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i have the figures for the north wales police and yes, of course, there are some spending reductions are being made and i'm answering his question and when it comes to the funding in 2011, '12 it will be the same as the funding they had in 2007, '8 so it's perfectly possible to have effective crime fighting to get police out in the street in north wales. >> given the rural nature and the impact of the record of them, will the prime minister look as what the chancellor is undertaking in june and offer a fuel stabilizes -- stabilizer. >> and we have looked at the rural areas and some progress was made on the budget issues. on the fuel stabilizer, yes, the treasury are looking at this because clearly there is a case for saying as the oil price
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rises, if it can be shown the treasury benefits from extra revenue, there should be a way of sharing that from the motors who are suffering from all prices and while we hear by all the chattering from the party opposite, the last fuel duty increases were all increased in their budget. >> the disclose of the new passport of it will have a devastating on 250 families involved. and an effect of the economy of newport. can i give an assurance that no final decision will be taken until the economic impact assessment is published and considered? >> well, i know how important the pos part office has been to newport and how many jobs it has provided obviously we want to see diverse economies right across our country and that is what the regional growth fund is there to help achieve in terms of areas that are threatened with public sector job reductions. but i'll certainly look at the
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case the specific question and i'll make sure he has an answer. >> the prime minister will record his visit to my constituency hospital as part of supporting the campaign to prevent the forced closer of ame and consultant-led services. does he agree with me that there should be no forced closures particularly given -- particularly given -- particularly given the fact that our local gp's are opposed to it as are indeed the residents? >> my right honorable friend makes a very good point. any local changes to the nhs have got to meet four tests. they've got to have the support of local gp's and strong public and patient engagement and they got to provide support for patient choice there were no tests like that under the last government that had these top-down reconstructions. there are no tests and they will be adhered to by this government. >>erny chapman?
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-- jenny chapman. >> the business secretary wants to moves jobs from darlington what is the prime minister going to do to stop it? >> we agree with the program that was started not by the last government but actually by several previous governments of trying to diversify and spread jobs out of whitehall and into the regions and we should continue with that. >> order, i want to hear brandon lewis. >> it has been approved as one of the schemes for the gp practitioners. the local health teams with the officers. what will the government newer that we will deliver on this sfroj >> i'm delighted that his constituency is taking part in this pathfinder project. those people who say that somehow nhs reform is being introduced in one big start are completely wrong. there's 25% of gp's are going
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forward to make this work. there's huge enthusiasm amongst gp's to get this moving and i think it will show real benefit in terms of patient choice. and what i would say to everyone in this house, the idea that there is somehow a choice of a simple life where you just don't reform the nhs, when you have rising drug bills, rising treatment bills and frankly a record in this country where we are not ahead in europe on cancer outcomes and all stroke outcomes and heart outcomes is not a sensible option. it's right to make this coalition and it is digging an unacceptable status quo. >> the prime minister -- the prime minister will be aware of the changes to the rescue and coast guard and a protector of the proposed closer of the coast guard station and the exchange of responsibilities to scotland. will the prime minister ensure the house today that the future
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of the coast guard station -- that it will be for air city rescue and that the people of northern ireland in northern ireland will be safe and secure? >> i have been lobbied sensitively about the rescue including by people from all walks of life, if i can put it that way and i totally understand the need for air, sea, rescue. i think what matters is not necessarily who is carrying it out but are they fully qualified? and is it a good service and is that valued for money. >> in reviewing antiterrorist laws, will my right honorable friend ensure that there's a balance between the police having the powers and detention and arrest and making sure that there is a return to the rule of law as it is understood? >> i think my honorable friend is absolutely right. that we should not depart from normal procedures and practices in terms of british law and
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justice unless it's absolutely necessary. you have to defend every change in that way. and i think -- as i said earlier, we do face a terrorist threat that is materially different to what we face for the ira. we face a threat where people are quite prepared to murder themselves and as many as they can at any occasion. so we are -- it is difficult to meet this using all the existing methods. that's why control orders were put if place and that's why their replacement is put in place that is good for their liberty and their security. i'm absolutely convinced that we will do this and we will do it in a way that has the support of the police and the security services and those who i pay tribute today from this dispatch box for all their work for keeping us safe. >> mr. speaker, we rack the valuable work that the armed forces do and from watching and protecting democracy. in some of the most dangerous parts of the world. and yet they see their own prime
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minister in their own country sacrificing democracy to a foreign media basis hear no evil, see no evil, can the prime minister explain why? >> i'm afraid i didn't quite get the gist of that question. [laughter] >> so i'll have to -- the point i would make is the media regulation is properly carried out in this country and by this government and it will be done in a way that is fair and transparent. that is what -- that is what needs to happen, that is what will happen. >> the right to strike is an important one. and the hallmark of a free society. but with it comes responsibilities. will he agree that any union ballot that these two industrial actions will have the majority support of those entitled to vote? >> well, i know -- i know there is a strong case being made not in the least by my colleague the
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mayor of london for this sort of change. i'm very happy to look at the arguments for it because i want to make sure that we have a fair body of union law in this country. i think the laws put in place in the 1980s are working well. we don't currently have proposals to amend them but i'm very happy to look at this argument 'cause i don't want to see a wave of irresponsible strikes when they are not by people taking part. >> thank you, mr. speaker. my a vision and remarkable face once said this prime minister is an absolute genius in translating flam l.a. county languages. one such example because it's some day to be adopted. >> i don't accept that for a moment that they will make sure we rationalize all of the nongovernmental bodies there are. and itl


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